Stations of the Cross of Bedřiška Znojemská

Stations of the Cross of Bedřiška Znojemská

Kategorie: Ecclesiastical sights and pilgrim tourism

The Stations of the Cross in Jiřice u Moravských Budějovic offers fourteen stations with seventeen paintings whose author is the painter and artist Bedřiška Znojemská. The Stations of the Cross are located in the grounds of a former orchard.

The paintings symbolically refer to the way of the cross, as we know it, but at the same time offer scenes from the present world. The paintings are full of questions, pain and desire for love and reconciliation. They refer to vices of the time which accompany us wherever we go. Lies, hate, but also violence, drugs and prostitution. In spite of that you can feel an outreach, hope, an outstretched hand.

Bedřiška Znojemská belongs to the world most respected painters. Distinctive characteristics of her works are treated to be romantic symbolism and a deep faith and a catholic tradition. She´s an author of numerous decorations of chaples and churches, stations of the cross, gravestones or bells´ embellishments.


Stations of the Cross of Bedřiška Znojemská
Jiřice u Moravských Budějovic
671 54

Tel.: +420 515 258 217

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