Předzámčí Jevišovice – a new exposition

Předzámčí Jevišovice – a new exposition

Předzámčí is a complex of buildings with a garden which closely cling to the building of the Old Château in Jevišovice. Předzámčí comprises, with its spacious courtyard, astonishing architectonic gem which you can go through to the château´s courtyard and further to its interesting expositions.

Předzámčí Jevišovice shows what the life used to be like in the Jevišovice area

Thanks to a recent reconstruction, Předzámčí was given a completely brand new look. But the best is hidden inside. Jevišovice town in co-operation with the Moravian Museum prepared a vast museum exposition for its visitors.

On two floors you can learn what the life used to be like in our region in the past, and learn also something from the present. You´ll see exhibits which introduce the life of common men, learn the weapons used by local lords in the Middle Ages, you´ll also see a collection of dangerous Hussite weapons, and uniforms of armed forces. The historical part of the exposition includes also the oldest finds from the prehistory, as Jevišovice and the surroundings are a renowned archeological locality. In the exposition there is a replica of Venus from Hluboké Mašůvky which you have to see with your own eyes!

Besides the historical part you´ll learn a lot of interesting facts about local nature and you can immediately check the acquired information in practise.

Labyrinth for the little ones and big ones

In the attic of the Předzámčí building you can walk through our labyrinth! Well, you shouldn´t get lost, but one never knows ;-).

Předzámčí is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 16 p.m. In workdays after a phone agreement, phone nr. + 420 606 272 201.

Publikováno: 17. 10. 2015

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