History and experiences – this is what Jevišovice stands for

History and experiences – this is what Jevišovice stands for

They come to Jevišovice mainly for the history and beautiful rural nature. Our little townlet has gone through really stormy history in different epochs. All of this reflects in the surrounding countryside character which really swallows you up if you decide to go and take a look close up. The Jevišovice area is still untouched by a tourist industry, however it offers amazing possibilities for hiking, but also for cyclists, particularly for families with children.

We would like to offer you real experiences, that´s why we prepared the project Předzámčí Jevišovice – history and experiences. Within this you can visit a brand new exposition in freshly reconstructed Předzámčí but first of all you can undergo remarkable experiences during the manifold offer of events which take place here.


What can you experience in Jevišovice and surroundings?

New exposition about the Jevišovice area – history, ethnography, nature

Horse and pony rides

Bicycle Museum Boskovštejn        

Fire Museum

Cycling in the Jevišovice area

Swimming in the Jevišovice area

Publikováno: 17. 10. 2015

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