Created for cyclists - Jevišovice and its surroundings

Created for cyclists

The Nature Park Jevišovka, the Rudlice hills, wood paths, moderately undulating rural country, ponds, sights and of course countrified pubs on the journey, and local people who will gladly stop to have a chat with you. See, that Jevišovice area is a country created for cyclists.

There are several bike trails which cross the townlet Jevišovice and surrounding villages. The advantage is a relative undemanding character of the terrain and also a rural character of the region, so you will feel more safely on a bike due to the smaller intensity of traffic. Besides signed bike trails you can use an intricate net of wood and field paths and ride throughout the Jevišovice area literally the length and breadth. Thanks to a moderately hilly terrain you will be rewarded with the sight of valleys studded with the houses of local inhabitants.

The Jevišovice area adjoins other touristic areas such as the Vranov area with its renowned dam, or the historical town Znojmo framed with wine hamlets and the National Park Podyjí. You can get to all of these places on signed bike trails.



Bike Trail Through the Land of Two Rivers (Jevišovice – Plaveč – Jiřice u Moravských Budějovic – Rozkoš – Jevišovice)

Bike Trail Through the Picturesque Country to Jevišovice Surroundings (Jevišovice – Plaveč – Hluboké Mašůvky – Jevišovice)

Bike Circuit of the Microregion Moravia (Výrovice – Horní Dunajovice – Višňové – Džbánice – Výrovice)

Miller´s Path (Horní Dubňany – Jevišovice – Hardegg)

Spinal Bike Trail Through Krumlov-Jevišovice Areas (Zálesí – Jevišovice – Němčičky)

Route nr. 481 (Znojmo – Jevišovice – Lipník)

Publikováno: 17. 10. 2015

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