Where to find wine

Where to find wine

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Adámek´s Winery in Višňové

You may know this small family winery established in 1973 thanks to the famous film series Bobule. You can stop by and taste exclusive wines of this winery which chose as its symbol St. John of Nepomuk. The village Višňové is close to the Spinal Bike Trail Through Krumlov-Jevišovice Areas.


Wine village Horní Dunajovice

The wine tradition in Horní Dunajovice and neighbouring villages has developed for several centuries. The most significant wine route is sunny Frédy. As the location of the village is on the South-East edge of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, local vineyards have rather demanding conditions for the grapes production, however they stimulate wines and impart proper features to them. There is a wine cellar alley in the village.



The picturesque village Únanov is situated just a few steps from Znojmo in the North-East  direction. The significant wine track with the area of about 3 hectares can be found in the neighbourhood of kaolin quarry.This subsoil indicates that the wine will have a peculiar taste.

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